A team scores points by having the closest stone(s) to the center of the house.  A stone must be in the house to count. If the Red team has one stone closer than any Yellow stone, Red scores one point.  If Red has two stones in the house closer than Yellow’s first stone, then Red scores 2 points.  A team can score up to 8 points in an end, but that is very rare.  Usually 1-4 points are scored in an end.

Below is an example of the scoreboard for a game.  One team with red stones, one with Yellow stones The numbers in the middle of the board represent the score; while the numbers in the boxes represent what end the team received those points.  So below, Red scored 1 point in the first end.  Yellow then scored 2 points in the second end.  So after 2 ends, Yellow is leading 2-1.  In the third end Yellow scored another 1 point.  Bringing the score to Yellow 3, Red 1.  In the 4th end nobody scored, so we put that end marker on its side, to indicate that end was played, and nobody received points (blank end).  In the 5th end Red scored 2 points, bringing the score to Yellow 3, Red 3.  The main thing to remember is that the numbers we hang on the board go over, or under, how many points you have.  The movable numbers only represent when you scored the points.



scoring examples