We humbly request that if you are playing at 6pm, at least one member of each team arrive by 530 to help set the ice up.  There is a lot of work that goes into making sure the ice is ready to be played on, and little time to do it.  If you are competing in a late match, please remove the stones and equipment from the ice, and take them to our storage rooms.  This goes by very quickly if everybody helps.

Please clean your shoes on the provided mats before stepping onto the ice.  Even small pieces of dirt can stop a stone dead, or make it dramatically change course.

Introduce yourself to every member of the opposing team with a handshake, and a wish for good curling.  Matches end the same way.

One team’s Vice (third thrower) should flip a coin and allow the other Vice to call it in the air.  The winner of the toss has the option to throw hammer (throwing second/last) in the first end (A strategic advantage) or to pick the color of the stone.  The loser of the toss can pick the other option.  So if Team A wins the toss and picks the hammer then Team B gets to pick the color of stone.

After completing your throw, try to get back to your feet as soon and safely as possible.  Remaining on a hand or knee will start to melt the ice, and cause the pebbling to be less effective.

Try to remain quiet, and not cause any distractions while your opponent is throwing.  Sweepers should generally remain between the two hog lines to help cut down on distractions.  Opposing skips are welcome to stand behind the skip so they can gauge how the ice is acting.  Just be sure to not move around much, and make sure your broom can’t be confused for the other skip’s broom.

When not sweeping, please stay out of the center of the sheet.  You may be blocking the view from the thrower to their skip.

Be aware of the surrounding sheets.  Be sure to stay out of the way of other sweepers, and sometimes stones can get a bit wild.

Players should be aware of what is going on in the game, and be ready to throw their stone when it is their turn.  It is always helpful to get your teammate’s or opponent’s stone in front of the hack and ready for them.

Try not to draw decisions out too long.  We have two hours per match, and we try to get 8 ends in.  If you are unable to complete 8 ends in your allotted time, you are not allowed to go over.  You are delaying the next set of games, or delaying the Parks staff from properly shutting the facility down.

Early matches may not start an end after 745, and late matches may not start an end after 945.

One member of each winning team needs to email the outcome of the game to  Winner/Loss/Tie & Score.