You must release a stone before the first hog line; the stone must also entirely pass the second hog line to be in play.  If a stone hits another stone that is entirely past the hog line, it need not cross the hog line to remain in play.

A stone may not touch a side line.  The best way to think of this is that the side line is a wall, and a stone is not allowed to touch the wall. A stone must fully cross the end line behind the house before it is out of play.

Once a stone is thrown you can begin sweeping, and can sweep the entire length of the ice.  All four players on a team may sweep, including the thrower.

The opposing team is allowed to have one player sweep the stone once it crosses the tee line.

The team that scored points in an end throws first the next end.  In the event of a blank end, you maintain throwing positions from the blank end.

Free Guard Zone

The free guard zone is between the second hog line and the tee line, but excluding the house.  Stones that come to rest in this area may not be knocked entirely out of play until the fifth stone of the end (first team’s third stone).  If one is knocked out of play before the fifth stone, the best attempt should be made to put the stone back to its original location and the stone that knocked it out of play should be removed for the remainder of the end.